Wooden Shapes Board


The wooden shapes board is the perfect hands-on, tactile resource for your little one. Your child can begin to recognize some basic 2D shapes by carefully tracing them with their finger or using the tracing stick. The boards are designed to be reversible so you have the most recognizable 2D shapes children in the early years should know and then on the reverse are other 2D shapes meaning this product will grow with your child. The shapes on the front are a circle, triangle, square and a rectangle. On the reverse is an oval, pentagon, hexagon and a heptagon.

Our resources are based on the Montessori self-directed, hands-on approach to learning. Using our shape boards children will be able to feel each shape and its properties and start to use the language to describe them e.g. a square has 4 straight sides.

Handmade – The shape tracing boards are made from solid beech and finished in a natural raw oil. The wooden tracing stick is made from beech dowel and is designed to be similar to that of a pencil to help your child develop their pencil grip.

Our products are all CE tested.

Please note our products are learning resources and they are not to be used as toys. Your child should always be supervised by an adult when using them.

Dimensions: Our wooden shape boards are 50cm long and 11.5cm wide. This is the same dimensions as our number board which makes them easy to store together. 
The beech wood tracing stick is always 10cm long

Company: The Little Coach House

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