Wooden Mushroom Screw Toy And Nut Cracker


This is a great toy for your baby, toddler and even preschooler. The large screw with its twisting lid will keep babies occupied because they will enjoy turning back and forth. For both your wobbler and toddler it can be used as a large screw toy and its size makes it easier for their little hands to manage. By unscrewing the mushroom cap from its stalk your little one will will be developing their handy/eye coordination and concentration as well as strengthening those fine motor muscles. For the older toddler and preschooler you can use the Mushroom screw for nut cracking, something that’s particularly fun around Halloween and Christmas. This lovely Mushroom Toy is a toy that will grow with your children and one that can be fun for all the family.

The Mushroom Screw Toy is made from Oak.

Dimensions: 2.1 X 4.2 inches

Weight: 4.5 oz

Age: 1+

Warning: Adult supervision is recommended.

Company: Poppy Baby Co.

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