Wooden Continent Flash Cards


The handmade wooden continent cards are designed with multiple uses in mind – as tabletop references, a piece of art in a playroom or homeschool environment, a resource for memorization, or for plotting their next adventure! Inspired by Montessori-style natural materials and the concept of sandpaper letters, this engraved map allows children to trace their fingers over the engraved continent shapes and names while absorbing the beauty of our world’s land forms. Each of the 7 continents is pictured and labeled accordingly in a modern, sans serif easy-to-read font.

Each wooden card measures 10cm wide by 15cm tall and 0.5cm thick, and make for a lovely collection in the school room. Durable materials mean that these flash cards will last through many years.

Each item is lovingly designed and crafted by hand. Sealed with food-grade mineral oil and safe for babies and children to enjoy.

Age: 4+

Company: Gladfolk

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