Wooden Clock Puzzle


This beautiful handmade wooden clock puzzle is the perfect way for your child to learn how to read the time on a clock face. Children are often pretty interested in clocks but won’t be ready to begin to tell the time until they can count to 60 and understanding the concept of fractions. You can start slowly by using a hands on approach to building the puzzle from 1 to 12 and then 12 to 24.

Pointing out to your little one what time mommy will be home from work or daddy will come home from doing the weekly shop on the clock will start to give them an understanding of the concept of time. Your little one can also begin to match the clock times with digital times which helps them understand the 24 hour clock.

Learning about time is not easy but if your little one is interested they will definitely be up for the challenge and there is no better way to start then by using this interactive clock puzzle.

This Clock puzzle is handmade in Ireland, made from high quality birch plywood from an eco friendly company.

Made in Ireland.

Size: 30 cm

In stock