Wooden Blocks In Tray – 30 pcs Rainbow


These beautiful wooden blocks appeal to your little ones natural curiosity. With their soft to touch, smooth feel and visually eye catching colours they help to awaken and develop your little ones visual and tactile senses. When your little one starts to build they are using their imagination and developing their abstract thought. When your little one is stacking one block on top of the other they will be developing their hand eye coordination, concentration and fine motor skills. You can also use the blocks to colour or shape sort.  The fact that this toy is so open ended means that anything is possible and that fun is sure to be had!

Made of wood that comes from FSC®certified suppliers.

Finished with beeswax and botanical oils, sanded perfectly smooth, soft to the touch.

Packed in a paperboard box, which is designed to be reused or easily recycled.

Free of harmful chemicals.

Product eco.

Made in the Beskidy Mountains, Poland.

Age: 2+

Dimensions: 28.5 x 21.8 x 3.6 cm (11.2″ x 8.6″ x 1.4″)

In stock

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