Way to Play Highway Set


Way to Play – Large Flexible Toy Road Set – Highway

The Way to Play Flexible Road Segments offer children a variety of possible road maps to construct. The Road Segments can be played with inside or outside & appeal to both young and older children. Young children develop fine motor skills and concentration by connecting the segments together, while older children create, design and build the roads, bringing their imagined designs to life.

This pack consists of a total of 24 Flexible and durable Road Segments that are 367cm in length combined:

  • 12 curves
  • 8 straights
  • 2 intersections
  • 2 roundabouts

The material is highly durable, flexible and easily washed. It is PVC; Cadmium free, phthalates free and BPA free.

Made in Europe

Ages 2+

Company: Way to Play

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