Sensory Dough Lollipop


200 grams of deliciously sweet-scented SensoryDough with (fake) sweets.

Playing with this wonderfully soft natural Playdough stimulates the imagination, stimulates fine motor skills and trains the muscles needed to learn to write.

If the Playdough  is not played with, salt crystals may form. This is normal and will disappear as you knead it. When the clay dries out, you can add a few drops of oil (preferably coconut oil). The clay remains good for +/- 6 months depending on play.

* always play under adult supervision and recommended for ages 3+

The Natural Playdough is made with food products, so if your child accidentally swallows some of it through the mouth, this is not a problem. The Playdough does contain a high salt content and too much salt is harmful to health.

* The SensoryDough contains wheat flour, salt, baking powder, vegetable oil, glycerine, food coloring, possibly food aroma/essential oil and possibly glitter/sprinkles.

The Playdough may contain traces of nuts and other allergens.

All Playdough is handmade so the colour assortment may vary slightly.

The sweets included can vary.

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