Rainbow Tomtens – Peg Doll – Guard Friends- Pretend Play-


The classic open ended toy, these beautiful Tomtens have no specific facial markings or gender, leaving your little one to decide their story. With such simple but well designed toys your children will start to play and with the freedom to create, they might build a world of their own design where the Tomtens live.

Open ended toys is a great way to develop your little ones imagination and creative skills. The Tomtens also lend themselves to other indirect learnings such as ~ problem solving, ~language, ~reenacting real life situations that they have seen  allowing your little ones the opportunity to make sense of them, ~emotional growth and the beginning of empathy ~confidence in their decision making and social skills.

Recommend Age: From 3 years

Material: * Beach Wood *

Non-toxic water based color stain

Package includes: * 6 handcraft figures, hand painted

In stock

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