Open Me


The idea for this beautiful Montessori Material was thought up by a group of three dads from Italy. They wanted to make toys that stimulated and also met the needs of their kids. All of the materials they make are handmade in Milan Italy and made by them.

The Open Me toy is an innovative twist on the Montessori classic, the Object Permanence Box. Adding an easy to open lock and door to the traditional material, gives the box an extra added purpose. Through the action of whole-hand grasping and by inserting the ball into the hole, the infant/toddler practices and develops fine motor skills. Not only does your child learn about Object Permanence but while turning the wooden lock to open the door the infant/toddlers logic, concentration and problem-solving skills are being stimulated too

Age: 6months + or when you baby has the ability to sit up independently

Company: Bangarang.

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