Mini Puzzle Cube Set – Space Themed


CREATIVITY BEYOND IMAGINATION – Featuring intuitive quick connect magnetic puzzle cubes sensory toys to allow mix and match between 9 unique space themed magnetized cube blocks and 2 separate full color version magnet tiles that can stack onto the toy brick kit easily with a click to keep children occupied and entertained for hours of fun and enhance kids educational STEM skill learning experience which foster spatial reasoning, logic training, hand-eye coordination, and child brain development.

UNIQUE SPACE THEME SET – Sensory toy construction magnetic building block playset with 6 outer space mix and match collaborative learning capability to cultivate STEAM skills for preschool, kindergarten, pretend play, group activity, classroom, toddlers, teamwork, boys and girls age 3+. Easy-Connect Magnet Blocks can construct with vibrant full color cosmic prints on every side and change the background by clipping on magnets tiles to create a astronauts, space-shuttles, satellites, and more!

LEARNING BY PLAYING – SCIENTIFIC & ARTISTIC – PicassoTiles has done it again providing an all-in-one experience enabling kids to play intuitively and learn to be expressive, creative, intelligent, technical, and architecturally sound all at the same time. The construction puzzle block toy kit develops hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Flip through each side of the colorfully illustrated magical pixel magnet cubes then mix & match to create endless combinations of outer space designs!

ENDLESS ENTERTAINMENT – Enjoyable for single or multiple parties to fulfill the sense of achievement together. Magnetic construction blocks are BPA-FREE NON-TOXIC and suitable for indoor/outdoor traveling. Build from any side of the magical building block magnets for unlimited creations. Creating in groups and challenging each other to design something special is a great way to spend quality time with loved ones. Let your imagination run wild and inspire others to construct amazing designs too!

THERAPEUTIC – Releases the children from digital screens and electronic devices such as TV, gaming, smartphone or tablets and finally bring some peace and quiet time back to the house. This colorful cube comes with thousands of possibilities to foster promote critical thinking, develop kids imagination and stimulate STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) skills. Facilitate fine motor and problem solving abilities by promoting creativity through mixing & matching puzzle cubes!


OPEN-ENDED POSSIBILITIES – Unlike typical sensory toys, every construction magnetic puzzle cube block piece can be mixed matched and combined to transform between satellites, space shuttles, astronauts, mars rovers and more! Snap on the quick-connect magnet tiles to change the background of each design! Easy to construct and quick to put away for storage.

EDUCATIONAL – Learning is Fun! Give your kids a head start! It’s never too early to begin developing imagination at a young age, Picasso Tiles inspire youngsters to learn by playing, children will acquire a strong sense of colors, geometrical shapes including 3D forms, number counts, as well as creativity, which is the key factor to success in today’s ever changing environment

INSPIRATIONAL – Fun and entertaining, perfect educational presents for school age children that will never go out of style. Enjoyable for single or multiple parties, great for parent-to-child bonding with hours of recreational quality time. Inspire others with your uniquely constructed magnetic building block design and challenge friends and family to create something amazing

MADE OF CHILD SAFE, NON-TOXIC, BPA-FREE and lead-free materials that is tested to ensure quality and meet safety standards for children to play freely.

SCIENTIFIC & ARTISTIC – An all-in-one kit enabling the kids to learn by intuitive playing and bring out the best of everyone to be creative, technical, architectural, intelligent and statically advanced all at once

In The Box

9 Magnetic Puzzle Block cubes featuring 6 Unique Space Themed graphics

108 Printed Illustrations Decal Tiles

2 Different Versions of Each Theme

Ages: 3+

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