Maria Doll with her Baby


Meet Maria and her baby!! Maria is a soft bodied doll with open and close eyes. She is stylish and wears a beautiful flowing dress with a safari animal pattern, themed with an orange and white hair band . Marias baby sleeps in its sling with a matching hair band and sling adding a beautiful symmetry to their stylish look.

Playing with dolls is believed to have many benefits for all children. It is said to help develop a childs executive functioning development, for example their working memory, their ability to self regulate and flexibility of thought.

While playing with dolls children have the opportunity to act out scenarios that they have observed and this can be to help them feel more comfortable or make sense of the world around them. Even if your little one plays with their doll on their own it still gives them opportunities to practice social interactions and this in turn can help them develop their social emotional skills which can help them develop skills such as empathy.

Playing with dolls can even help your child expand their language as their learn new words or practice using words that they have heard before but never used.

So now you know Maria not just and incredibly stylish doll that your little one will love to dress, mind and play with, she is also a very beneficial companion and teacher for your child.

Height: 45cm

Age: 2yrs

In stock

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