Light Box


These are the new light boxes from Mama Luz. Have you ever tried a light table or box? If not then you should!! Children often find light boxes enchanting which in turn creates a focused environment ready for any educational play session. They are specifically enticing for children who love to learn visually.

Light boxes are so incredibly versatile, children can create art while using them and the light enhances the colours of the paint and the texture of the brush strokes on the page. They can learn shapes or build 2d structures using Picasso Tiles or cut a slice of orange or put a leaf up to the light and discover its network of little veins or segments. You can also deep dive into a bit of sensory play using water beads, creating lines in sand or coloured salt, maybe even draw their first letter or number, use shaving foam and more. Then cut out some dinosaurs or flowers using craft paper and make a silhouetted shadow play theatre.  All this play is not only fun for both adults and children but it also provokes a childs imagination and encourages the development of fine motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination, concentration, language, social development, problem solving, math and colour recognition.

The Mama Luz light boxes are portable but still require a plug. It comes with a remote to change colour, intensity and transitions. You can also set it to change colours to the rhythm of ambient music or when you clap your hands.


Rhythmic ctms

CE certified light box

Note if you are living in Ireland or the UK, you will need a 3Pin Euro Adapter 

Age 3+ always supervised by an adult.

50cm l x 40cm w x 9cm h

3.5 kg

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