Large Pastel Rainbow ~12 Piece~ Wooden Stacking Toy


This is the Large Rainbow 12 Piece. The Rainbows beautiful, vibrant and rich colours brighten up any playroom or nursery. The Rainbow is painted in a non-toxic water based colour stain ensuring that the woods natural grain and texture can still be felt and this gives the Rainbow pieces a beautiful sensorial feel. The Rainbow is an open ended toy which means it has no one set purpose and can be played with in any way. So from making buildings, to tunnels or marble runs or possibly even making animal shapes this beautiful Rainbow will garuntee you and your little one tones of fun

Recommend Age: From 3 years

Non-toxic water based color stain

No varnish used so your child can feel the texture

Package include: 12 pcs per set

Weight: 2.00 kg

In stock

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