Green Wooden Race Car – Handmade


What can we say about toy cars? They are just fun to play with.  Vehicle play comes with many educational benefits such as promoting cognitive development, motor development, language skills and social skills. I bet you never thought this little car was working so hard to help your little one learn.

These unique and beautiful cars have been lovingly hand crafted from birch wood and hand painted and sealed with milk paint and linseed oil, making them safe for your little one. They are sturdy and can easily withstand the test of time so these classic pieces make the perfect addition to any collection with the hope that they would be passed on to the next generation.

Here at Bizzy Bee Toys we feel there is something so unique about handmade toys, although they may be very similar no two will ever be the same. Sure, they might take a little while longer to make but here at Bizzy Bee Toys we feel that extra time and effort is what makes them extra special.

Size: 7cm x15cm

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