Fruit and Vegetable Cutting Toy Set


This fruit and vegetable set has a lot to offer. The fruit and vegetables are made from wood and held together by velcro at the intersections. Paired with a wooden knife and a plate they make a great addition to any little ones kitchen, restaurant or grocery store. Playing with these fruit and vegetables can create the spark that ignites a childs imagination and in turn, helps them engage in pretend play which is really important for child development. You can also use them to familiarise your child with the names of the different types of fruit and vegetables, expanding their vocabulary as you do so. For fussy eaters it could spark an interest in food they might not of otherwise tried or it may lead to your child becoming interested in real life kitchen food prep. The possibilities are many and the fun is endless!

7.09″ l x 7.09″ w x 5.91″ h

1.87 lb


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