Close to the Heart ~ Baby Rattle


Baby Rattle – Wooden Toy- Helps fine motor, cognitive and auditory development

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This great baby toy is a rattle and a grasping toy in one.  Your little on will be eager to explore and reach out for this beautifully smooth rattle.  The untreated, finely sanded maple wood feels beautiful on the skin. In addition, it can be put in the mouth by the baby without hesitation. As your baby reaches out and grabs the rattle they are developing their grasp and their hand/eye coordination. When your little one shakes the rattle they will not only be delighted by its pleasant rattle tones but also learn about cause and effect, satisfying their curious little minds.

This rattle is lovingly handmade in Germany with a company that has an eco friendly policy and so, provide us with a plastic free delivery making a conscious effort to be a company who provides a service that is kinder to the environment.

✓ Grasping toy rattle “close to the heart” made of untreated maple wood

✓ Filling: steel sand

✓ Dimensions: Length 10x10cm | Weight: 49g

✓ Recommended age: from 1 year

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