Chalking Play Set


Let the Woodibow Chalking Play Set take you on an adventure. With 25 chalk painted wood pieces containing 9 different shapes, you can let your imagination run wild. Design and paint cities, create your dream garden or forest, build your home, go an an adventure to another galaxy, create a super car or tractor for your farm. The list is endless and the only limit is your imagination.

The Woodibo Chalking Play set is a great open ended toy. It ignites your childs imagination and encourages them to be creative. How do you build a city or a tractor? This toy enlists your little ones curiosity and is a great way for them to learn skills like problem solving and composition. Using chalk to enhance their design helps children develop their fine motor skills and can also help them to learn about colours and shapes. The Wodibow Play Set can be a very interactive social toy which motivates you children to develop their social skills, such as turn taking and sharing.

The Wodibow Play Set is handmade from 100% beech wood and chalk paint. They use no glue or plastic in their manufacturing of the products or in their packaging.

Dimensions : 6.7inches (l) x 4.7inches (h) x 4.7 inches (w)

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