Chalking My Way Road


Chalking My Way Road is a fun open ended toy. It can be a road to a city, a train track through the mountains or even an airplane landing strip. It’s up to your little ones imagination. Inside you receive a box of chalk so you and your little one can colour in road markings however they like and then rub it all off again to create a

new adventure when they’re done. It’s the perfect toy for the whole family to play with together. 

The Woodibo Chalking My Way Road ignites your child’s imagination and encourages them to be creative. How would you like to design a road? This toy enlists your little ones curiosity and is a great way for them to learn skills like problem solving and composition. Using chalk to enhance their design helps children develop their fine motor skills and can also help them to learn about colours and shapes. The Wodibow Chalking My Way Road can be a very interactive social toy which motivates you children to develop their social skills, such as turn taking and sharing.

The Chalking My Way Road is a great accompaniment to the  Chalking Play Set that we have in store. You can build the roads or tram tracks that weave through the city streets or village that you made with your Chalking Play Set.

The set is made up of 21 flat pieces (1 intersection, 6 curved pieces, 10 straight pieces and 4 interlinking sections)and 6 coloured chalks. The Wodibow Play Set is handmade from 100% beech wood and chalk paint. They use no glue or plastic in their manufacturing of the products or in their packaging.


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