Geometric Toddler Puzzle


A classic geometric puzzle, designed to be more… Tridimensional!

This beautiful 3D geometric puzzle is made from Paulownia wood which makes it extremely light weight to make it easy for your little baby/toddler to hold. That means that they can channel their focus into developing their hand- eye coordination, dexterity and concentration. This little interactive puzzle lets your little one learn and discover each shape at a time by matching and inserting the 3d shapes to the 2d shapes on the fixed bottom of the puzzle. Interaction promotes repetition and it is through repetition of the movement that children cement their learning into long term memory.

As your little one grows they can start to match the rings and geometric solids. The rings to us may not seem like a challenge but to a young toddler the difference between the outline of a shape and the 3D dimensional shape is a whole new learning curve. While learning this they can also begin to learn their primary colours (blue, red & yellow) and shapes (square, circle and triangle).

Sorting and matching colours and shapes are early math skills even at this young age. Classifying and naming the shapes means that your little toddler is now learning early geometry.

Recommended for 15+ months

Handmade in Italy


23cm x 9cm x 5cm

Net weight



Paulownia wood

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