About Bizzy Bee Toys

Here at Bizzy Bee Toys we are passionate about helping parents, grandparents, caregivers and gift givers find the right toy for their little ones to enjoy.

Who We Are

Hello & Welcome To Bizzy Bee Toys!

Here at Bizzy Bee Toys we are passionate about helping parents, grandparents, caregivers and gift givers find the right toy for their little ones to enjoy.

Each of the toys we have chosen to sell, were carefully considered so that your child could get the most out of their toy. We try to source companies who have an eco friendly ethos, so that we could offer you a selection of toys that are, hand crafted, trustworthy, sustainably made, as plastic free as possible and where we can taste safe.

At Bizzy Bee toys we try to source toys that have an educational focus but are equally entertaining because we truly believe that children learn best through playing and having fun. In order to help you source the right toy for your little one, every toy in our store comes with a detailed description of its educational benefits so you can choose a toy that’s just right for your little ones developmental needs.

Our goal is to make it easy for families to source educational toys that your children will enjoy and are made to last. Our hope is that these toys become passed down from generation to generation to become heirloom pieces and not just another disposable product.

Cant find the right toy or are unsure where to start? Drop us an email and we will be happy to help.


Some Love

What a fun, fuss-free environmentally friendly product! It even smells likes veggies! Yum! Toddler enjoyed mixing & painting & baby enjoyed texture and smells. With lots of product in the bag this is sure to last a very long time! The squeals of laughter has made veggie baby our new favourite household hobby 💕
Veggie Baby Product Review
I recently got a Lily & River Balance board from Bizzy Bee Toys and it is fast becoming a favourite in our house. I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old and it is so versatile in its uses. The 5 year old uses it to surf, his imagination wonders on possibilities in the ocean! He also uses it as a ramp for his scooter, cars and loves just chilling out rocking on it. My 2 year old is also following suit she has practised her balance and coordination and is getting more adventurous in the surfing mode. She also rocks on it. Uses it as a slide down from the couch and just loves chilling out on it. It's such a sturdy toy with multiple uses for different age groups..... I only wish I had got one sooner. Bizzy Bees were amazing to deal with, quick, efficient delivery with a personalised card. Would highly recommend 👌
Michelle x
Balance Board Product Review
I was delighted with the products I purchased. My grandson got hours of fun with the shapes board and my grand nephew in Sydney got hours of fun with his puzzle. Great products and timber based which is great. Would highly recommend products x
Shapes Board & Snail Puzzle Product Review

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Eco Friendly

At Bizzy Bee Toys we aim to be as eco friendly as we can be.

That means we will be reusing boxes and fillers such as bubble wrap, that we receive from suppliers and other sources where possible so that they gain a second life. Any cardboard boxes that are broken and can’t be reused, we shred and use as filler to keep you toys safe. Most of our companies have an eco friendly ethos and provide us with plastic free packaging with the idea of having a low impact on the environment.

From recycled crayons to organic paint and sustainable wood we are trying to create a considered space where we can build upon our knowledge and become more eco friendly as our little business grows.

Behind the business


Hi, my name is Clare, I trained in Montessori education and also a mom of one big bundle of fun, which makes me a Montessori Mom.

The idea for Bizzy Bee Toys came about while I was at home with my son creating daily activities that I knew would meet his developmental needs. I began to post these activities online as a way to share them with my family and friends. This eventually grew into something a little bigger. As my posts became more popular a question I was often asked was where did I purchase the toys used in the activities. I realised that, like me, a lot of parents were eager to find quality products to use at home with their little ones but unsure as to where to source them. So, I decided to put my knowledge and experience in Montessori education to use and began to source educational toys that I knew would meet the developmental needs of young children. And with that Bizzy Bee Toys was born.